Healthcare Offices Need Secure Remote Connectivity

Read how iboss Cloud can secure your remote locations without increasing cost or complexity:

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Many of today's healthcare organizations support multiple locations, which can be distributed across a region or even nationwide. Ensuring secure remote connectivity that can encompass all locations in your organization's security and acceptable use policies is critical for HIPAA compliance and protecting PHI. In addition, you want to make sure all your locations are protected against advanced and evasive threats that can result in a data breach. Securing these remote locations with standard cybersecurity solutions requires heavy expenditures on hardware and software and the IT resources to manage them. It also means backhauling data to your headquarters, which can jeopardize network availability.

Only iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway encompasses your remote sites without increasing cost and complexity:

  • Secures remote locations direct-to-cloud, eliminating the need to backhaul data or deploy and manage racks of hardware
  • Offers more options for traffic redirection, simplifying integration into even the most complex, distributed networks
  • Delivers advanced threat defense features to remote locations to secure your organizations anywhere, on any device
  • Aggregates reporting and real-time threat and bandwidth dashboards through a single-pane-of-glass console, giving you unmatched visibiity across your entire organization