Mobile Data Security for Healthcare Organizations

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The use of mobile devices in hospitals has proliferated because it offers medical staff immediate access to patient information on devices that are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use. Whether in hospitals, clinics or with home healthcare providers, the accelerated communication mobile devices afford can make the healthcare professional's job easier, while improving the level of care he or she is able to provide. Yet, the convenience and efficiency of mobile devices in healthcare come with risks. Because its a highly-regulated industry,  mobile workforce security must be maintained in order to ensure HIPAA compliance and the security of PHI. Securing the mobile workforce with most standard solutions requires you to backhaul data through headquarters, slowing the network and jeopardizing critical processes. ln addition, threats introduced by unauthorized applications on BYOD can compromise the network and interfere with patient care.

The iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform delivers cloud-based mobile security that protects against threats and ensures access to critical patient information, without having to backhaul data:

  • Secures your employees anywhere on any device, direct-to-cloud, without having to backhaul data and jeopardize mission-critical processes
  • Provides flexible deployment options allowing you to isolate your data in the cloud and ensure HIPAA compliance and the security of PHI
  • Your mobile data is encrypted and secure whether in transit, at rest or in the cloud
  • Optional iboss mobile device management (MDM) can be deployed to secure the mobile devices themselves