Advanced Threat Detection for Healthcare

Read how your healthcare organization can defend against today's most advanced threats:

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The cyber attacks on healthcare organizations, which have struck every sector from large insurance carriers to hospitals and clinics, reflect the challenges this industry faces. Stolen healthcare records are often more valuable to cyber criminals than any other personal data, making them prime targets for exploits. Even more critical, technology such as imaging devices, patient monitoring equipment, and surgically implanted devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps, are all connected, prolonging patients' lives, but creating new egresses for advanced threats. Traditional cybersecurity solutions focus on known threats, traveling on standard Web data channels, making them ineffective against criminal hackers using Tor and the dark Web to deliver signaturless, unknown threats via hidden channels.

Only the iboss Cloud Secure Web Gateway Platform delivers the advanced threat detection today's healthcare organizations require:

  • Provides visibility and control across all hidden ports and protocols to detect and block the evasive malware other solutions miss
  • Secures SSL traffic without the need to decrypt, making it ideal for industry regulations that prohibit decryption
  • Delivers exclusive Network Anomaly Detection to find unknown/unclassified threats and close the security gap that leads to data loss