Key Industries iboss Protects



Highly regulated financial services organizations are a primary target for data-stealing attacks, and weighing employee access against the need for compliance and safeguarding your data is a challenge. The innovative, patented technology of the iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform helps financial organizations comply with regulatory requirements by protecting data from the sophisticated and evasive threats other solutions miss, while ensuring that critical business processes are never jeopardized.



Healthcare organizations are experiencing an increase in cyber-attacks primarily because the data they retain, including health insurance numbers and patient records, are high-value targets for criminal hackers. Standard solutions relying on prevention fail to address the evasive threats that bypass gateway security. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform protects PHI and supports HIPAA compliance with patented, innovative technology that focuses both on blocking malware and on stopping malware’s mission to steal data.

Government Agencies


Government entities at every level are retaining and transmitting large volumes of private data on a daily basis. The advent of increasingly sophisticated threats from terrorists groups, nation-states, and criminal hackers as well as internal threats, has made protecting data and networks a top priority for all government agencies from federal to state and local entities. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform offers integrated, cost-effective security with innovative features that defend against advanced threats and data loss, while ensuring regulatory compliance and optimal network availability.

Higher Education


Like all institutions, colleges and universities are dealing with changes resulting from the rapid evolution of technology. Today’s students and staff arrive on campus with multiple mobile devices and an eagerness to leverage them for learning, research and connecting with their classmates and colleagues. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform meets the challenge of protecting colleges’ growing databases of personal data, and complying with increasing regulatory requirements, while ensuring a seamless end-user experience on any device, whether on or off the network.



While school budgets tighten, the burden of protecting students, fulfilling CIPA and safeguarding private data on school networks continues to mount. In addition, schools are emerging as prime targets for data theft because the private data of minors is high-value and because schools are considered soft targets for hackers. The iboss Web Security Platform protects schools and enables modern learning with simple, yet powerful solutions that safeguard students, networks and data, while ensuring optimal network performance.



Customers have more access points to purchase retail goods and services than ever before. This has increased convenience and customer satisfaction, but it has also exposed vulnerabilities, as evidenced by many high-profile data breaches. The compliance violations and customer attrition following a breach can be devastating to a retailer’s bottom line, but sacrificing customer convenience isn’t the answer. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform delivers innovative, patented technology that enables customer access to your business, while mitigating the risks of advanced threats, data loss and compliance violations.

Service Providers


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) rely on ensuring optimal Web access and security to their users, but they need solutions that can scale to accommodate their growing client base without jeopardizing service or network performance. The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform offers next-gen cybersecurity solutions with the flexible deployment options, low admin requirements and infinite scalability, ISPs and MSPs require.