FICO™ Cyber Score Reveals Users and Devices that Pose the Highest Risk

iboss Cybersecurity offers the FICO Cyber Score module as part of the iboss Platform. The module combines FICO’s patented data analytics capabilities with iboss’ node-based, direct-to-cloud network cybersecurity platform to deliver actionable intelligence that can reduce the “dwell time” before an attack is recognized, which often goes undetected for months. The cyber threat score provided by the FICO module measures risk of infection and data loss, allowing organizations to resolve issues more quickly, enabling security controls and their teams to focus on what matters most.

iboss node-based cybersecurity combines with FICO analytics to score threats and eliminate security blind spots

  • FICO’s patented behavioral analytics identifies anomalous activity and scores suspicious “behavior” of devices, users or servers, similar to the way that the company’s leading card fraud solution instantly scores billions of credit card transactions around the world daily.
  • Through the cyber threat scores, FICO and iboss clients are able to more accurately quantify their cyber threats and remediate in real time to stop catastrophic infection and data loss before it occurs.
  • iboss technology can quickly spot malware other systems miss and FICO scores the risk, including attacks that mask communication using TOR software, such as the Zeus64 malware trojan and Locky ransomware.
  • iboss node-based architecture means that FICO technology can be deployed in distributed organizations quickly and easily, or choose an on-premises deployment and keep your data within the corporate datacenter.
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FICO Technology

FICO cyber analytics are used by the world's leading enterprises and backed by a history of risk and fraud detection.

FICO Cyber Scoring

FICO Cyber Scores help IT teams decide how to allocate their resources and focus on what matters most.

FICO Architecture

FICO Cyber Score applies behavioral analytics across all network traffic to deliver real-time risk scores via the iboss Incident Response Center.

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