SC Media Webcast: “5 Tips for a Smooth SD-WAN Rollout”

2:00 pm
SC Media Webcast: “5 Tips for a Smooth SD-WAN Rollout”

Join iboss VP of Product, Erik Thoen, for SC Media’s webcast: “5 Tips for a Smooth SD-WAN Rollout.”

SD-WAN provides a great strategy for connecting offices over commodity Internet connections.  This reduces MPLS costs and provides a software-defined capability to intelligently route traffic between branch office locations. This is critical as bandwidth is increasing exponentially by the day.

However, most of the increased traffic is for cloud applications, not for servers sitting at offices.

This webcast will focus on how to successfully pair cloud security with SD-WAN to create direct Internet breakouts from branch offices for lower costs and faster Internet speeds. The tips will show you how to reduce the load on SD-WAN private links so that the overall costs for a SD-WAN rollout are reduced by lowering the burden on SD-WAN equipment and firewalls.

The webcast will also show how to configure an SD-WAN direct Internet breakout from a branch office using tunnels to a cloud security provider.

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