Cancel your Coats.

Lose the latency. Restore your sanity.

Cut free from on-prem appliances. Integrate your network and security with a SASE platform purpose-built for the cloud.

Appliances were used to protect users in offices. iboss replaces them so that you can protect users from wherever they work with direct access to cloud apps. Secure connectivity from anywhere.

The cloud is the new corporate headquarters and organizations must approach network security with that in mind. Routing traffic back to a corporate datacenter via a VPN just to apply security is costly and unnecessary.  

Cut the cord on your on-prem appliances.  

Find out why iboss is the best SASE platform for your move to the cloud.  

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Special Migration Program Offer

iboss is offering Blue Coat customers a limited-time buy back program for migrating to the iboss Cloud Platform. Download the Solution Brief to learn more!

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Switching from Symantec Bluecoat to iboss, can alleviate many on-prem appliance headaches. Gain more insights and additional info on why the iboss Cloud Platform is the best Symantec Bluecoat Replacement. Learn More Now.

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