Use your unified iboss cloud login to access all iboss resources

Automatically access the iboss cloud platform, the iboss training academy, and now the iboss support portal with your unified iboss cloud credentials.

Managing access to multiple platforms can be challenging when using various sets of credentials for each platform.  The iboss cloud alleviates this concern when accessing iboss resources with your iboss cloud unified credentials.  With your iboss cloud login, you can quickly and automatically access the iboss cloud platform, the iboss training academy, and the iboss support portal.  As an iboss cloud account owner, you can control who gains access to these resources with just a few simple clicks.

iboss Cloud Platform

Configure SASE policies within the iboss cloud admin console to allow users to work from anywhere and connect to cloud applications with speed and security.

iboss Training Academy

The iboss Training Academy provides training and accreditation courses designed to empower iboss administrators who are responsible for securing connectivity for their organization.

iboss Support Portal

Our online support portal provides convenient access to services such as live chat, the knowledge base, and the ability to submit and view support tickets.

Granting Support Access to Additional Administrators

Granting access to the iboss support portal is easy and secure.  Creating, editing, or adding additional support administrators can be done within the iboss cloud admin console by the account owner.

As the account owner, log into the iboss cloud admin console and navigate to System Administrators.

To add a new administrator with support access, click the  Add New System Administrator button.  Alternatively, to grant support access to an existing administrator, simply click the pencil icon to the right of the existing administrator.

Lastly, enable the Support Access toggle and add or update the administrator.

The newly created, or edited, administrator will now have access to the iboss support portal using their unified iboss cloud credentials.

Transitioning to the unified iboss cloud login for support access

For administrators that you choose to provide support and documentation access to, enabling solely the Support Access and the Enabled toggles for the administrator will grant access to those resources only. Access to all other resources, such as Web Gateway policies and reporting data, will not be accessible unless explicitly granted via separate toggles. To provide uninterrupted support for administrators that your organization has already validated for support access, we have migrated those users to the iboss cloud if they did not already have access. This will result in some users receiving registration emails and access to the iboss cloud platform that have been verified solely for support access. Rest assured that these individuals will not have access to resources other than the support resources your organization has approved access to.