Move to the Cloud: Migrate Off Your On-Prem SWG Appliance

Appliances were designed to only protect users within the four walls of a traditional office environment. Today’s “work from anywhere” world makes these on-premises appliances obsolete. In fact, continued use of them requires investment in costly, slow VPNs to route “work from anywhere” employee traffic back to the corporate data center in order to secure that traffic.

Balancing user connectivity and productivity is critical to maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture, especially in today’s complete or hybrid remote work environment.

If you’re an enterprise with a legacy on-prem proxy appliance (such as Blue Coat/Symantec, McAfee, or Forcepoint), it’s time to cut the cords.

Migrating from on-prem proxy and SWG appliances offers many benefits. For one, it allows organizations to protect users from wherever they work with direct access to cloud apps. It also allows for secure connectivity from anywhere. It’s a win-win. Users have access to any application they need, and organizations can ensure those connections are fast and secure.

The cloud is the new corporate headquarters and organizations must approach network security with that in mind. Routing traffic back to a corporate datacenter via a VPN just to apply security is costly and unnecessary.

Without the latency of connecting to apps, productivity and end user experience improves exponentially. This results in more valuable output from limited employee resources. In addition, the elimination of proxy and other network security appliances results in the reduction of the data center footprint and large CAPEX and OPEX reductions in infrastructure costs.

The savings continue as the iboss Cloud Platform eliminates the need to purchase more network proxies or VPN infrastructure as remote worker cloud app use and bandwidth increases over time. Worrying about remote work and increasing encrypted bandwidth no longer becomes the top priority on your IT team’s priority list.

“Every worker is suffering from slow connections due to the use of VPNs as they work from home and outside of the office. This results in a very poor end-user experience, lost productivity and lost revenue for the organization,” said Paul Martini, CEO of iboss. “iboss alleviates the problem immediately by offloading traffic for video conferencing, email and cloud productivity tools from the VPN and allowing users to connect directly and securely to those applications from wherever they work. This immediately results in a better end-user experience, less calls to the IT help desk and more productivity as users are able to get their job done without needing to connect through the office.”

iboss is offering Blue Coat customers a limited-time buy back program for migrating to the iboss Cloud Platform with a new 2-year contract:

  • Blue Coat Web Gateway Buy Back: iboss will include up to a 6-month contract extension for free, based on the remaining term of your existing Blue Coat contract.
  • Up to 40 hours of iboss professional services to accelerate migration planning and implementation
  • Unlimited training via the iboss Training Academy

Download our solution brief to learn more.

Register for our webinar on October 19 at 2 pm ET to hear from iboss VP of Sales Engineering, Marc Pergolizzi, who will outline:

  • Why on-prem appliances aren’t designed to support the modern workforce
  • How to protect users from wherever they work with direct access to any cloud app
  • The additional benefits the iboss SASE Cloud Platform offers beyond SWG functions
  • How to integrate network and security with a SASE platform purpose-built for the cloud