Monthly Product Update: New Features Added to the iboss Cloud Platform

Last month, iboss announced changes to the iboss SASE Cloud Platform with the introduction of the industry’s first unlimited licensing package. This new package offers unlimited users, unlimited devices and unlimited core platform features. Today, we are announcing some new features to which customers licensed for Unlimited will automatically be entitled. These new features include FTP Relay and Private Access for users on macOS devices.  Additionally, all iboss customers can take advantage of the updated iboss Cloud Connector for macOS which now supports Big Sur. 

With the new FTP Relay feature, our customers now have a way to extend zero trust to FTP connections coming from FTP applications that are not proxy aware such as Windows command line FTP, WinSCP and CuteFTP to name a few. This ensures that even on devices with limited organizational management oversite, the iboss Cloud Platform offers control and security over these connections. Now, administrators of the iboss platform have full security controls over these FTP connections based on the source and destination IP addresses, role-based access defined by users and groups and their role within the organization.  These policy controls ensure that only authorized users are allowed to access the FTP server and all connections will be scanned for threats and secured through the iboss cloud. 

The updated iboss Cloud Connector for macOS Big Sur extends support for iboss Private Access to users on devices running the latest macOS. Private Access provides access to resources that have no direct public access, and are protected by firewalls or other restrictions. These resources are typically within a datacenter, within a corporate network or within a private virtual network inside of Azure or AWS. The iboss cloud provides role-based access to these private resources based on a user’s role within an organization and this now extends to users on macOS devices. This feature is available to any customer on the Unlimited license. 

Finally, all iboss customers now have access to the latest iboss Cloud Connector that supports macOS Big Sur. This updated client software package can be downloaded from the iboss cloud administrator console and deployed using common MDM tools for wider distribution across macOS Big Sur devices in their organization. 

These latest feature updates continue to boost the capabilities and supported use cases for the iboss Cloud Platform. With our recently announced Unlimited package offer, customers will continue to get the all the connectivity and security core platform features with no additional add-on charges.  This allows our customers to get more value from the iboss platform as new features are released. 

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