K-12 Cybersecurity Insights from Richard Quinones, Senior Vice President, Public Sector, iboss

Cybersecurity threats to K-12 schools and districts have increased significantly and continue to be an important concern for the education industry. iboss was proud to work with Project Tomorrow , a nonprofit organization that aims to ensure students are prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders, to capture insights and guidance for K-12 cybersecurity preparedness from 600 districts around the country.


“Last month, iboss sponsored an informative session, “Getting Real about K-12 Cybersecurity: Call to Action for All District Leaders,” with Project Tomorrow. Featuring current iboss senior education advisors Greg Ottinger, San Diego Unified’s former Chief Business Officer, and Lenny Schad, Houston ISD’s former CIO, and the U.S. Department of Education, to bring cybersecurity awareness and insights to K-12 leadership around the United States.  Watch the recent webinar on demand and access the edWeb blog to learn more about these important discoveries, including how the pandemic changed security concerns and steps that schools are taking to mitigate risks. The panel will discuss important observations, including:

  1. Successful cybersecurity plans need to include comprehensive goals of accountability
  2. Technology in education requires that leaders continually evaluate their approach
  3. Preparation includes “walking the talk” with appropriate budget for readiness and risk reduction


Interested in learning more? Connect with Richard Quinones, Senior VP of Public Sector at iboss, to learn how your organization can enter the new year with effective security policies.