Read the 451 Research Report on iboss' Cloud-Centric Innovation


In a crowded SWG marketplace, the iboss node-based approach stands out

A  report by 451 Research Senior Analyst Dan Cummins addresses iboss' position in the Secure Web Gateway market and how an innovative node-based approach to cloud security moves iboss  beyond standard appliance-based competitors.

This in-depth report analyzes iboss positioning against a competitive field and assesses the iboss  platform with an emphasis on key differentiators.  

Read the 451 Research Report to learn:

  • How key differentiators like behavioral DLP set iboss apart and why they signal a transition beyond standard SWG offerings
  • The significance of a SWOT analysis covering iboss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • How iboss flexible deployment options and infinite scalability have opened opportunities in the largest distributed enterprise environments