Goodbye Gateway Appliances.
   Hello Secure Cloud Gateway.

The 2018 Enterprise Cloud Trends Report



Transitioning Security to the Cloud is an Essential Part of Your Cloud Transformation

In February and March 2018, iboss and Vanson Bourne surveyed IT decision makers and office workers in large U.S. organizations to learn more about the trends influencing enterprise cloud adoption. The survey found that both office workers and IT decision makers understood the benefits of SaaS applications but were unsure of how to effectively transition off security appliances to security in the cloud.

Learn more about enterprise cloud adoption and how enterprise IT teams can better protect their organizations as the shift to cloud accelerates.



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CEO Paul Martini digs into the findings of the 2018 Enterprise Cloud Trends survey report in his latest blog post. Read now to learn how large organizations can overcome common cloud misconceptions to better defend their networks in a cloud-first business environment.

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